Electronic 3-way switching valve (ESV)

The purpose of the ESV valve is for instance to switch the refrigerant hot gas from the external heat exchanger to the inner heat exchanger while the circuit is switched from A/C to heat pump mode and vice-versa.

The ESV is able to supersede two solenoid valves (one can be a normally open and the second a normally closed valve) whereby the following benefits emerge:

  • less lines and connections needed
  • smaller installation space
  • Simplified assembling
  • Only one bracket necessary
  • Only one electrical connector to be provided

Due to its smart motor, the ESV is very quiet and low energy consumption device. In comparison to solenoid valves, the motor needs only more current during the switching operation. Additionally, the smooth valve switching operation prevents hiss and bump flow noises.

Valve seat and slider are highly wear- and mud resistant ensuring a high internal leak tightness over life time.

Important technical characteristics:

  • For chemical refrigerants R134a and R1234yf in combination with PAG and POE oils
  • Low pressure losses (Cv = 2.32)
  • High switchable pressure difference (MOPD ≥ 20 bar)
  • Very low internal leakage (≤ 5 g /h)
  • Low weight (approx. 450g depending on the valve ports design and position)
  • Can be mounted in any orientation (electrical connector should not be facing to top)

Electronic switch valve:

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