Multi-way valve (MWV)

The MWV is used in complex mobile air conditioning and heat pump systems to switch between this too operation modes. Additionally, MWV valve has other switch positions enabling the pump down into a heat exchanger before it is temporarily shut off from the operating system or before evacuating the hole A/C system.

In this situation, MWV is superseding up to 4 solenoid valves whereby the following benefits emerge:

  • Less connectors and lines needed
  • Smaller embodiment
  • Simplified assembling
  • Only one bracket necessary
  • Only two electrical connectors to be provided

Due to its smart motors, MWV is very quiet and a low energy consumption device. Thank its self-locking gearbox, the motor needs only electrical power during the switching process. Additionally, the smooth valve switching operation prevents hiss and bump flow noises.

Valve seats and sliders are highly wear- and mud resistant ensuring a high internal leak tightness over life time.

Most important characteristics:

  • For chemical refrigerants R134a and R1234yf in combination with PAG and POE oils
  • Low pressure losses
  • High switchable pressure difference (MOPD ≥ 20 bar)
  • Very low internal leakage (≤ 5 g /h)
  • Low weight
  • Can be mounted in any direction (electrical connector should not be oriented to the top)
  • LIN control

Multi-way valve:

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