Refrigerant Valves for AC-Systems and Heat Pumps

EGELHOF’s electronic and mechanical refrigerant valves provide –depending on the requirements- the perfect distribution, shut off function or expansion, whatever is needed for the respective request.
A strong customer orientation, precision and quality are the factors, EGELHOF is living day by day.

All EGELHOF refrigerant valves are designed and developed in close collaboration with the customer and contribute strongly to a perfect cabin and battery conditioning.

Thermostatic expansion valve (TXV)
A control valve in A/C systems for the chemical refrigerants R134a and R1234yf.

Solenoid valve (SOV)
Shut-off valve in A/C systems which can be designed with or without orifice.

Combination valve (TXV+SOV)
Control valve in A/C systems which can be switched on and off as required.

Electronic expansion valve (EXV)
A motor-driven control valve for use in A/C systems.

Electronic expansion valve (EXV-S)
Electronic expansion valve for the proportional control of refrigerant mass flows in A/C systems.

Ball expansion valve (KXV)
A motor-driven control valve for use in A/C systems with additional heat pump function.

Electronic 3-way switching valve (ESV)
Motor driven switch valve for refrigerant with one inlet Port (A) and two selectable outlet Ports (B and C)

Multi-way valve (MWV)
Motor driven multiport valve for refrigerant with 4 ports and up to 7 configurable switch positions.

Mechanical check valves (RSV)
Mechanical check valves in stand-alone or cartridge design