EGELHOF International

“The whole is more than just the sum of its individual parts“

Excellent positioning in a global market represents a prerequisite for successful companies. Being close to our customers throughout Europe, America and Asia is the foundation for your business with us. Supported by an optimum network of our various locations and departments, we are able to face all your entrepreneurial challenges.

In Germany, the EGELHOF headquarter is located in Fellbach, next to Stuttgart. It is staffed by a professional team of engineers and experts in the fields of R&D, Design and Testing. Centralized Sales coordinates all of EGELHOF’s sales activities and sales locations worldwide.

Various factories in France represent the core of our European production and of our central machine shop. New machines and installations are developed and built here and are enhanced on a continuous basis. This assures a modernized standard production and top quality products worldwide. With our Central Purchasing and Logistic department, we ensure timely and efficient production, as well as delivery to EGELHOF clients on schedule.

The China factory has the latest production developments with a qualified staff, and is perfectly equipped for future requirements. EGELHOF is able to support the growth and conditions of the Asian market on the spot. As a manufacturer of parts with high manual content, it supports other EGELHOF factories and the globalization of customer requirements worldwide.

Near Detroit, USA, and within reach of many US customers: EGELHOF Controls, Toledo Ohio. With an application engineering team on site and a modern production, we can support our American customers efficiently from that location as well.

EGELHOF Controls India Pvt. Ltd. offers sales and production of thermal expansion valves in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR region. Naturally, this factory and all our other sites are supported with the know-how of our worldwide network of the EGELHOF-Group.

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