Ball expansion valve (KXV)

The Ball Expansion Valve (KXV) is a control valve for use in A/C systems for the chemical refrigerants R134a and R1234yf in electric vehicles equipped with heat pumps. It can be used as an expansion valve as well as a shut-off valve.

  • Geared motor controlled electronic expansion valve with integrated heat pump functionality.
  • Used in vehicle air conditioning systems with multiple evaporators in front, rear or roof air conditioning systems in combination with compressors with fixed or variable stroke, where the refrigerant flow to the individual air conditioning systems must be completely shut off.
  • Further application in electric and hybrid vehicles whose batteries are cooled by the vehicle air conditioning system.
  • Control via LIN bus.
  • No need for a reference run due to position sensor integrated in the drive.
  • Minimal pressure loss across the valve in heat pump mode.
  • Bidirectional flow.
  • Different flow characteristics possible by adapting the expansion groove geometry.
  • Sealing principles: radial o-ring or slim-line sealing washer
  • Nominal valve size: up to ø10mm possible
  • Valve holds its position when not energized.

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