• Used in automotive air conditioning systems with one or several evaporators in front, rear or roof air conditioning devices for compressors with fixed  displacement
  • We offer various housing types depending on tube connections with standard O-ring sealing
  • Tube connection: screwed connection (TCD version) or flanged connection (TCDF version)
  • Integrated pressure equalization
  • Pressure limitation MOP
  • Capacity: 1.5 t or 2.0 t
  • Thermo-head: parallel charge
  • Superheat setting: factory setting as per customer request
Testing, Tests, Simulation
A number of company owned test facilities support EGELHOF customers during:

  • System development
  • Selection of appropriate TXV types and their validation
  • Simulation of faults and corrective actions
  • Analyses of weak points within refrigeration circuits
  • Consideration of heat exchangers (e.g. oil transport, air diffusion)