Air Conditioning
Complete comfort - a good feeling
For your travels from one place to another in a pleasent climate – we assist with the individually selected temperature (in the HVAC systems) which makes you feel comfortable in vehicles of all type.

Expansion valves produced by EGELHOF are the vital element within an air conditioning circuit, that provides for an accurate temperature control in the passenger compartment.

Air Conditioning Products
In close cooperation with customers, EGELHOF develops and produces application-oriented top class control elements in accordance with market requirements.
Supported by an efficient CAD software, EGELHOF develops products based specifically on customer requirements for prototypes, tools, pre-production and through complete series production.
Research+Development Air Conditioning
A clean affair:
Since 1998, Egelhof has been developing expansion valves for the alternative refrigerant CO2.
Testing, Tests, Simulation
A number of company owned test facilities support EGELHOF customers during:

  • System development
  • Selection of appropriate TXV types and their validation
  • Simulation of faults and corrective actions
  • Analyses of weak points within refrigeration circuits
  • Consideration of heat exchangers (e.g. oil transport, air diffusion)