Thermostat controller (RTL)

The thermostat controller (RTL) is located directly in the medium and consists of a regulating spindles, which is driven by a shape memory element. The adjustment of the stroke is proportional to the ambient fluid temperature.

In liquid or gas circuits, this control behavior can be used to change flow paths automatically and without additional auxiliary energy, or bypass lines can be switched on or off.

Especially when used in surface heating systems, this control behavior automatically regulates the return temperature, quickly and without external auxiliary energy to a predetermined mean value. Overheating of the floor is thus avoided. An improved surface temperature distribution is achieved with a clocked RTL.

  • Temperature-controlled flow in liquid or gas pipelines
  • Return temperature control of heating systems.
  • No switching noise
  • Fast response time to temperature changes
  • Long service life
  • High integration
  • Small construction space

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