Fuel Cell Valves

The EGELHOF activities are focused on the development of valves for the hydrogen supply of PEM fuel cells (PEM=Polymer-Electrolyte-Membrane).

The goal is the integration of components into functional units in order to provide certified units for diverse customer-oriented applications.

The functional principle of a fuel cell is based on the reversed process of the electrolysis, converting chemical energy directly into electrical energy, heat and water. The continuous supply of air and fuel (usually hydrogen) is needed for an unceasing generation of electric energy. The supply of the chemical energy carrier (fuel) and the removal of the reaction heat require a fuel storage system and a cooling system.

The fuel cell system consists of several subsystems

  • Fuel cell stack
  • Fuel tank (if needed)
  • Fuel supply module
  • Air supply module
  • Cooling module
  • System control module

Fuel cells are used in portable, mobile and stationary applications.

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