Electronic expansion valve (EXV-S)

The electronic expansion valve (EXV-S or SXV) is a control valve driven by a shape memory element (FGL) for use in A/C systems for the chemical refrigerants R134a and R1234yf. This valve is increasingly used in battery cooling of electric or hybdride vehicles. In addition, the valve can also be used as a shut-off valve.

  • Drive of the electronic expansion valve is based on a wire made of a shape memory element.
  • Application in vehicle air conditioning systems with multiple evaporators in front, rear or roof air conditioning systems in combination with fixed or variable-stroke compressors, where the refrigerant current to the individual air conditioners is to be completely shut off.
  • Further use in electric and hybrid vehicles whose batteries are cooled by the vehicle air conditioning system.
  • Control via LIN bus.
  • No valve hysteresis due to position sensor integrated in the drive
  • Different flow characteristics possible by adjusting the valve needle geometry.
  • Cartridge version for direct installation in chiller connections
  • Valve connections in 0° and 90° versions possible.
  • Valve housing available in 2Port and 4Port versions
  • Sealing principles: Radial-O-ring or slim-line-seal-washer
  • Cooling capacity: up to 3.5ton (11kW)
  • Function NC (normally closed)
  • Very light weight
  • No switching noise
  • Control range from 1% to 100% of opening stroke
  • Bi-directional flow possible
Electronic expansion valve (EXV-S):
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