Helium Leakage Test System for Leakage Testing
With environmental requirements becoming more stringent in respect of low emissions, along with installation maintenance intervals becoming longer, leak-proof systems are required.

In particular, new air conditioning systems for vehicles operated with CO2 gas need to be leak-proof, given the high internal pressures reached during operation.

In the automated EGELHOF helium leakage test system, test pressures 4 bar up to 200 bar may be set. Parts set under internal pressure along with parts precharged can be tested during integral and blowing process.

Heat Technology
To each his own climate. Find you personal comfortable climate by using EGELHOF temperature and pressure elements. Reliable, constant and precisely controllable.
Air Conditioning
Expansion valves produced by EGELHOF are the vital element within an air conditioning circuit, that provides for an accurate temperature control in the passenger compartment.
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