A/C System Test Bench
Apart from numerous tests referring to EGELHOF’s product portfolio, consideration of the overall A/C system loop is of growing importance.
The main reason for such a development is the continuous development of A/C devices operated with R134a gas (e.g. systems with “internal heat exchanger”) along with the new development of A/C devices operated with R744 (CO2) gas or other alternative refrigerants with lower GWP than 150th.

The functions of each individual components and it’s interaction is becoming more important.Therefore EGELHOF decided to merge its experiences as a manufacturer of control valves with the experiences made from the customer.

As a special service to dimension a/c devices, since 2007 EGELHOF offers one or two operators in its own A/C system test bench.
Circuit components and pipelines can be installed in their original assembly position, i.e. in the same way as they are installed in the vehicle.

Capacities defined on a large scale allow for a simulation of nearly all important environmental conditions.

Main focuses for tests carried out on the system test bench:

  • To adapt and guarantee a selection of thermostatic expansion valves (TXV) in the framework of system development in favor of and in cooperation with our customers
  • Analysis of weak points within refrigeration circuitsSchwachstellenanalyse in Kältekreisläufen.
  • Benchmarking of various valve producers and other circuit components
  • Simulation or replication of faults occurring in the field and development of corrective actions
  • Consideration of heat exchangers within the system related to air diffusion and oil transport
  • Check condensation and condensation drain behavior
  • Evaluate performance / performance of an a/c system related to refrigeration circuit.
Heat Technology
To each his own climate. Find you personal comfortable climate by using EGELHOF temperature and pressure elements. Reliable, constant and precisely controllable.
Air Conditioning
Expansion valves produced by EGELHOF are the vital element within an air conditioning circuit, that provides for an accurate temperature control in the passenger compartment.
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