Fuel Cell
The typical function of a fuel cell is based on the inversion of electrolysis by converting chemical energy directly into electric energy, heat and water. By applying this kind of technology, a continuous supply with air and fuel, in many cases hydrogen is required, to guarantee for a continuous generation of electric energy. The provision of this chemical energy source (fuel) as well as heat conduction,  requires an additional tank system and cooling system which is absolutely necessary.

EGELHOF Innovation:
EGELHOF has been very active in the development of valves for the hydrogen supply of PEM fuel cells (PEM = Polymer Electrolyte Membrane). Our focus is on the integration of individual components into modules to form complete functional units. The main objective of this development is to provide turn key integrated units for different applications based on customer requirements.

Research and Development in Heat Technology
Small but powerful!
By applying the patented EGELHOF charge mixture, the volume of the bellow can be reduced by 33 %!
Research and Development in Air Conditioning
A clean affair:
Since 1998, Egelhof has been developing expansion valves for the alternative refrigerant CO2.