The EGELHOF Group will be CO2-neutral.

Fellbach, December 2022

The EGELHOF Group will be CO2 -neutral from 2023 onwards.

The EGELHOF Group will become CO2 -neutral in accordance with Scope 1 and 2 of the EU requirements as of January 1, 2023. The company achieves this step through massive investments in the expansion of an environmentally friendly energy supply, the conversion to renewable energy sources and the purchase of CO2 certificates for those areas where a conversion has not yet been possible.

Climate change requires all social actors to contribute to possible solutions. For example, the EU wants Europe to become a CO2-neutral continent by 2050. For companies, this represents a major challenge in their day-to-day business. With the development of new products for battery management and air conditioning for electric vehicles, EGELHOF already provides a valuable contribution to the change towards e-mobility and climate neutrality. Also, many customers demand compliance with significantly ambitious CO2 targets from their suppliers in the bidding phases for new products.

"Our company traditionally acts in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. More than 50% of EGELHOF's annual investments are dedicated to CO2 reduction and e-mobility. Therefore, EGELHOF can become climate neutral faster than the majority of companies in Germany," says Bettina Egelhof-Mülhaupt, shareholder of the EGELHOF Group. "In Germany, EGELHOF has been almost CO2-neutral since mid-2021, thanks to its own photovoltaic system and the purchase of green electricity from hydropower."

A photovoltaic system consisting of 320 modules, with a total output of 94.8 kWp, was installed in 2018 as part of the roof renovation of the main building at the EGELHOF Group headquarters in Fellbach. In 2019 an extension was installed on an adjacent building. At the Fellbach site, this will generate around 176,328 kWh of electricity in one year. The EGELHOF vehicle fleet is also on the way to climate neutrality. All vehicles with pure combustion engines have been replaced by vehicles with modern hybrid and electric drives. Their electricity needs are met at the in-house charging stations, which are powered by photovoltaic systems and certified green electricity. For short trips and smaller errands at the Fellbach site, employees also have access to a company-owned cargo e-bike.

In the international production plants of the EGELHOF Group, 80% of the energy required for production is covered by electricity. The production facilities in China, India and in the USA are heated by the electrical waste heat of the production machines. The French plants work in an extremely resource-saving way and have the additional advantage of a very good CO2 balance of the French nuclear power.

The production-related CO2 emissions of the EGELHOF Group are being compensated through the purchase of CO2 certificates. By the end of 2022, the EGELHOF Group worldwide will operate certified CO2-neutral according to the EU requirements for Scope 1 and 2.

"Now, the next logical step for EGELHOF is the further reduction of product-related CO2 emissions," explains Dr.-Ing. Stephan Wild, Managing Director of OTTO EGELHOF GmbH & Co. KG. "This process is already underway, as exemplified by the continuous further development of EGELHOF valve housings with regard to minimal material usage. In addition, the recycling rate is being continuously increased; in the EU, it now amounts to over 80% of the total mass of a valve housing."

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