In 1938 the company OTTO EGELHOF GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Fellbach near Stuttgart.
With the development of expansion valves for automotive air conditioning (HVAC) and temperature controls for Heat Technology, the company quickly gained market shares and advanced the know-how on other fields of Control Technology.
New factories were founded in France in Seltz - in 1960 and in Breitenbach - in 1980. Further globalization steps were taken with the development of sales offices in Shanghai in 1998 and in Detroit in 2000.
Worldwide production was expanded during 2005 with the erection of an American factory and a Chinese factory. Egelhof is  also producing in India since 2013.

  • 1938: Foundation of the company
  • 1960: Foundation of Egelhof Seltz
  • 1980: Foundation of Egelhof Breitenbach
  • 1992: Foundation of Egelhof Holding Breitenbach
  • 1998: Foundation of Egelhof China Shanghai/ China
  • 2000: Foundation of Egelhof Controls in Detroit/ USA
  • 2001: Foundation of the Joint-Ventures Suzhou Egelhof Controls in Suzhou/ China
  • 2005: Foundation of Egelhof Controls in Toledo/ USA
  • 2005: Foundation of Egelhof Regelungstechnik Suzhou China
  • 2008: Foundation of EGELHOF SENSORIC SAS in Villé / France
  • 2009: Merger EGELHOF SENSORIC SAS - Anschütz Regeltechnik-Optik GmbH
  • 2009: Foundation of the Joint-Ventures Egelhof AGS Dang Controls India Private Limited in New Delhi/ India
  • 2010: Change of the corporate name Anschütz Regeltechnik-Optik GmbH to EGELHOF Sensorik GmbH
    2011: Egelhof took over the majority participation of FG-Innovation in Bochum
  • 2014: Change of name EGELHOF AGS Dang Controls India Private Limited in EGELHOF Controls India Private Limited
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