Temperature Control Element Diaphragm (TWG)

Temperature based volume expansion of the charge results in a displacement of the diaphragm. The Displacement is mainly used as a constant control or switching function in connection with electronic or electro mechanical components. Diaphragm systems can also be used as direct mechanical actuators. In case of a leakage, diaphragm moves into a neutral position which may also be used as a safety function. Maximum actuator force depends on the geometry and the charge itself.


  • Function not requiring any auxiliary energy
  • Charges: fluid, gas, refrigerants, mixed phases
  • Compact design
  • Expansions from 0.005 up to 0.10 mm/K
  • Suitable for temperature ranges from -35°C up to + 380°C
  • Linear characteristic
  • Pressure or displacement limitation (only gas, refrigerant and mixed phases charges)
  • Safety function
  • Own diaphragm production

Stainless steel (diaphragm + housing), copper and brass, plating on demand

Application field:
Frost protection, refrigeration thermostat, safety switches, hot air sensors, temperature sensors with little space requirement.

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