Pressure Control Element (DWB)

A change in pressure of the medium via the active bellow surface results in a change of displacement which is used as a constant control or switching function in connection with electronic or electromechanical components.
As for TÜV type series, the second, integrated control component is activated and used as a safety feature in cases where the element has become leaky.


  • Applicable for pressure ranges from -0.9 barg up to +47 barg
  • High transmission forces
  • Very long durability
  • Linear characteristic
  • Connections: 7/16“ -20 UNF (screwed version) or brazed copper tubes

Stainless steel (bellow + housing), copper and brass

Application field:
Compressors, air conditioning and refrigeration devices, pressure differential switches, pressure switches, excess pressure
protection, safety feature with TÜV type series

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