Transmitter Bellow WÜB

Building / industrial services, faucets, air conditioning devices, displacement transmission, remote control, force transmission also with different transmission ratios

Technical Design:

The functional principle is based on a hydraulic force transmission. The resulting force or changes in displacement of the bellow system can be used as a constant control or switching function in connection with electronic or electro-mechanical components. It is mainly used as a direct mechanical actuator.
Operating principle allows for an individual adaptation of force, displacement and expansion.


  • Liquid charge 
  • High transmission forces
  • "Low dependency on temperature by reduced expansion from 0.02 up to
  • 0.08 mm/K"
  • Applicable for temperatures from +5°C up to +55°C
  • Linear characteristic
  • Different transmission ratios applicable
  • Long capillary lengths possible


Copper, bronze (only bellow), brass or stainless steel, layer on demand.

Testing, Tests, Simulation
System-oriented testing.
All of the EGELHOF products are tested in our state of the art simulation and test benches during product design.
These test installations are also offered as an external service.