Thermostat-Regler (RTR)

SMV-CONTROL is directly installed into the medium and consists of a regulating arbor and two opposing compression springs. One of those springs is made of a shape-memory alloy. When a set temperature is reached, the spring force of the SM-spring decreases and the reset spring opens the valve seat.
In panel heaters, this system regulates the return temperature independently, quickly and without external help energy around a pre-selected mean value. This avoids overheating the screed. By using this system in other fluid or gas cycles, other pathways can be connected or disconnect independently and without a bypass.
SMV-CONTROL is integrated in any corresponding valve casing or can be delivered as a complete valve with common joints and sealing geometry.

Regulating return temperatures of heating systems and temperature-regulated flow in fluid and gas pipes.

•    silent
•    short reaction time to temperature changes
•    long service life