How SMA-BASIC compares in size to electromagnets

The newly developed standardized SM-actor “SMA-BASIC” consists of only four components: casing, correcting bolt, pseudo-elastic wire and actor wire. The actor wire contracts when electrically energized, which sets the correcting bolts in motion.
A helical spring is squeezed in the opposite direction of movement, creating a constant reset force that counteracts the direction of movement and thereby resets the actor to its original position after cooling. By offering a production series, multifaceted force and actor requirements can be implemented. At your request, we can also integrate other components, such as transforming, dwelling or sensor modules.

Examples of application:

  • unlocking systems in motor vehicles (e.g. fuel filler doors, glove compartments, backseats)
  • unlocking systems in buildings (locking systems, fire-protection appliances)
  • valve engines in hydraulic or pneumatic valves


Weight-specific performance capability of an electromagnet compared to an SMA-actor