Shape Memory Alloys
Easily one step ahead

Since 2011 belongs to the FG-innovation, a spin-off from the Ruhr-University Bochum, to EGELHOF Group. We have expanded our team with specialists from the shape memory technology and drive the development of this promising future technology advances.

The effect of the shape memory alloy (SMA) based on a thermoelastic transformation of the lattice structure, the alloy only in some systems, such as Ni-Ti occurs. Is a component made of a shape memory alloy is deformed below a certain temperature, a reversible change in shape occurs. When the component is reheated over the transformation temperature, it reverts to its austenitic lattice structure and hence to its original shape. Shape memory alloys are characterized by a high power density and enable the realization of simple design and noiseless actuators.

Moreover, the shape memory technology offers a variety of innovative potentials for different products. The potential lies mainly in the fields of space, weight, noise and functional integration ...