Testing and Simulation
Maximum Safety.
In its Headquarters office at Fellbach, EGELHOF has its own Testing Department with numerous, premium test installations and test benches.

Individual development stages during product design are continuously verified by carrying out detailed tests and validations.

Due to the fact that Design, Prototype and Testing Departments are located close to each other, EGELHOF is also able to guarantee for a precise and quick realization of all customer and product requirements.

As for external testing tasks, EGELHOF offers test facilities as a separate service like the A/C system test bench, the salt spray test chamber in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227 standard and the helium leakage test system as a separate service.

Heat Technology
To each his own climate. Find you personal comfortable climate by using EGELHOF temperature and pressure elements. Reliable, constant and precisely controllable.
Air Conditioning
Expansion valves produced by EGELHOF are the vital element within an air conditioning circuit, that provides for an accurate temperature control in the passenger compartment.
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