Every company is only as competent as its employees.
EGELHOF is characterized by a binding and innovative team structure. Decisions are efficiently taken and a high degree of personal responsibility enables everybody from our employees to work independently and in a creative way.

By offering a great variety of training possibilities, EGELHOF promotes ambitious qualifications and personal growth of all of its employees.

Would you like to work in a team and do you have a vision? Your ideas are customer-oriented and you are willing to put them into practice? Are you looking for new challenges? Then we would like to welcome you ”on board”!

Current job offers
You will find current job offers under contact of the relative facilities.
Heat Technology
To each his own climate. Find your personal comfortable climate by using EGELHOF temperature and pressure elements. Reliable, constant and precisely controllable.
Air Conditioning
Expansion valves produced by EGELHOF are the vital element within an air conditioning circuit, that provides for an accurate temperature control in the passenger compartment.