Heat Pump valves


The GMV is a reversible valve that allows high flow rates for dual purpose flow.

This valve is mainly used for heat pump applications, which are being developed in electric vehicles.

Technical features:
- Bistable drive i.e. coil need only for switch to be energized.

- Nominal coil rating = 24 W (bei 12 V und RT)
- Switching time in less than 1 s         
         - Valve opens with positive voltage
         - Valve closes with negative voltage
- MOPD = 22 bar at 125°C and 9V
- Operating temperature: -40°C bis 120°C
- seat diameter: 15,2 mm
- Integrated filter with 100 µ-particle capability

- Valve ports at 90°-position
- Low pressure drop
- Valve maximum leakage: 1 NL/h 

Electric valves ESV

As mentioned above, heat pumps are being developed in electric vehicles. Electronic control valves optimize the operation of the refrigeration cycle and allows the system to function at its maximum efficiency.

Technical features:

- a motor driven solenoid valve
- Valve Sizes: 1,x to 16 mm
- switching time < 5 s
- Solenoid technology is suitable for applications where high demands are placed on internal sealing and durability (valve leak: = 0 NL/h)
- Operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C
- Valve connections in 180°-position
- low pressure drop
- Used as an expansion valve or shut-off valve,  bi-directional sealing and bi-directional flow.

Shutoff valves RSV

Shutoff valves may also be used in a heat pump system.

Technical features:

- Spring-loaded shutoff valve

- Valve sizes: 6, 10 und 16mm


Testing, Tests, Simulation
A number of company owned test facilities support EGELHOF customers during:

  • System development
  • Selection of appropriate TXV types and their validation
  • Simulation of faults and corrective actions
  • Analyses of weak points within refrigeration circuits
  • Consideration of heat exchangers (e.g. oil transport, air diffusion)